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We’re Australia’s Premier Aviation Podcast. Plane Crazy Down Under has been producing content online since July 2009. The goal of the show is to boost awareness of aviation within the Australia/Pacific region and spread the message to people that flying is fun and achievable. We have built a solid reputation for providing a professional yet relaxed show and our audience is growing steadily.

Each episode usually lasts between 60 to 120 minutes and while some have featured one important interview or discussion, most have multiple segments. Guests on the podcast have included a number of pilots from all aspects of aviation as well as analysts, air traffic controllers, adventurers, business owners and museum staff. Topics and areas covered in the podcast so far range from hot air balloons, recreational flying, warbirds and sport aerobatics through to charter operations, airlines and the military.


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The Plane Crazy Down Under podcast provides a great alternative to traditional media for promoting your aviation related business or activity. We can provide an easy & inexpensive delivery mechanism that helps to spread your message to a large group of aviation professionals & enthusiasts. Our audience is primarily in Australia & New Zealand with the majority of our foreign listeners located in North America and represents the growing online aviation community.



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