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The UAV Digest is a 30 minute weekly audio program that covers the rapidly expanding field of unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Co-hosts David Vanderhoof and Max Flight take a look at current industry news and discuss key topics with industry experts. The UAV Digest reaches unmanned aircraft professionals and enthusiasts across the globe.

The UAV Digest began publication in August, 2013.

Show Introduction

Listen as hosts Max Flight and David Vanderhoof introduce The UAV Digest:

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Listener Reviews from iTunes:

  • "Great podcast! Very informative about the history and current use of UAV's." (tmaster2011)
  • "Great podcast. A great podcast covering a quickly growing part of aviation, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The hosts discuss the current news and technologies of UAV's from hobbists to commercial and military applications. I look forward to each episode." (FatesClown)
  • "Don't call it The Drone Podcast. Max and David knock it out of the park (remotely) with another great aviation-related podcast..." (Lord Stroudwater)
  • "Best Ever. I subscribe to a number of pod casts and this one blows them out of the water. Very pertinent and thought out content. Thanks guys!" (USAF_William)
Sponsorship Opportunities

The UAV Digest offers sponsorship opportunities to qualified organizations that offer products or services relating to the topics covered in the podcast. This could include manufacturers of unmanned aircraft, components, and systems serving the military or commercial markets, including the DIY market.

Sponsorship options include:

  • Podcast episode pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll recordings (15 or 30 seconds).
  • Website banners (right-side column) in a variety of heights.
  • A combination of the above.

Podcast episode sponsorships become integral with the recording and thus remain for the life of The UAV Digest. Website banners remain for the time period of the agreement, and are then removed.

Contact for inquiries or to request our current rate sheet.


You can reach The UAV Digest via email at

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